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Sometimes I wonder, how is that each one of my friends happen to be so memorable a character? One among them, who is also a little more unforgettable than others, Upendra Puri, used to say, “If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary”. Perhaps I didn’t have the courage to disagree openly with all, I quietly thought differently. 
Few thoughts became books and another few remain as ideas.
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And the books are:

Caste : The Unexplored Territories
Why caste, a relic of the dark ages, did not evolve into a modernized version in the natural course of events, though other remnants of that era gave way to modernism. Why it didn’t whither away, though there is nobody who does not earnestly say that they want to see its' demise. This book is trying to answer that by taking a unique approach the problem. Although what is vogue is to consider caste as something imposed from above, sufficient reasons are given pointing to the contrary and explaining why people would have been in more or less consonance with this system.    
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The Unsure Male
The unsure male reveals how, female species across the board happen to civilize Male, and for what benefit. Also, what makes the male willingly go for it. How and why male learns to stretch, whatever may be of interest, to its limits, and immerse in it. How that led to formalities, niceties and all forms of extremism, including the few that are a grave threat to happy living, and the many that are helpful, enjoyable or life saving.
(When writing this book, I never thought the ideas presented here in a lighter vein will prove to be of great significance, more so to the present global happenings)
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Autobiographical anecdotes written by a "common man with an uncommon family"
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Hubs that Provoke
A non-fiction philosophical collection, intended to provoke, even infuriate the reader at times. Observations about libido and gender, discussions on religion, contrasting the material and the spiritual worlds, views about terrorism and extremism, reviews of GMO crops, chemical fertilizers and organic farming, many facets of global warming with discussion about how, differing philosophies may see the phenomena as something to adapt to rather than to attempt to curtail, are some of ‘touchy’ the topics covered here.
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A SciFi novel, about an inventor who travels to his future. He goes to 3000 AD and meets with our successors. He happens to learn certain horrible stories of our coming years before reaching the point of no return.
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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ideas that are published as ‘hubs’:
   1   1.  Male, Female and Libido – An Oblique View
Why are we so misinformed about male and female libido, and what we need to do.
2.    2.  Why do we live as a society?
How come we have chosen the present way of life.
3.    3.  Religion: How a New one Evolve?
What all can lead us to a new faith.
4.    4.  What makes us do, what we do?
The real reasons behind whatever we do
5.    5.  Unity is strength? Like Hell!
Yes, it is so. A surprising find!
6.    6.  Why do we like, what we like?
The real reasons behind our choices
7.    7.  In Defense of Terrorism
Why should terrorism be a part of our world
Some things that look to me different from what it says
9.    9.  A Few More of my Basic Doubts
Some more things that looks different from what it says
     10.. Some more of My Doubts
Still more things that doesn’t look what it says
     11.  Mind and matter, what differentiates the two?
Is there a difference? What is it?
     12.. The Spiritual and the Material, What is the Difference?
What are we to learn from spirit, and from the substance
     13.  The Spiritual and the Material, Why are they Different?
Why should there be a difference between the spirit and the substance
   14. The Spiritual and the Material, What Finally, is the Takeaway?
How we can use the spirit and the substance gainfully
     15.   Why is there Unrest?
The causes for unrest in any society
     16.  A way to kick out intolerance
My recommendations for a happy, tolerant society
     17.   The Real and The Abstract: Where is the difference?
How real things influence us, and how imagination does it
    18.   Getting Hurt by Words: What is so Special?
Is there any difference between the two? What is it?
    19.   Can't we warm up to Global Warming?
Is global warming such a serious threat? Is there a way?
     20.   Why do we react the way we react?
The real reasons behind our reactions
     21.   The secret of good times, of achievements and success
It is not very difficult to achieve success, if you follow me.
    22.   Man can't find what is good for him, but as men, they however do
A lone man rarely does right, but as a group, they seldom go wrong
     23.   Is Language, for Communication?
We need to understand the real purpose of language, to benefit the most from it
     24.   How to stop terrorism?
To kill the germs of terror, right at its root
     25.   How to be free of Intolerance?
What can make us more tolerant to each other
     26.   How to Confront Life?
Always choose the correct options to make life a success
     27.   Global Warming: Is the Fear Rational?
Are we overlooking everything that can pacify us
     28.   What  is Behind Sexism?
If sexism is there in human life, there will be a reason too
     29.   Organize or Perish. Is that the Choice?
Are we well organized
     30.   Why are we Behind Alcohol?
The way we are approaching this issue, needs a re-look
     31.   Why Gun for the Natural?
Is our attraction to the natural, natural?
     32.   Always Co-operate?
Is co-operation a panacea? Are there better ways?
     33.   How Essential are Minorities?
Surprisingly, minority can be more important than majority
     34.   Humans - The Error Prone Species?
Humans are better at making mistakes
     35.   Humans – What is so Special?
What all is there to distinguish humans from other species of life
      36.   Why can’t we Study in this Way?
Why is learning a problem? Is there an easy way to study?
     37.   Why does Fair Skin look Good?
Why fair is lovely
     38.   How Relevant are Political Parties?
Why do we need parties? What do they do?
      39.   What is the Origin of Dowry?
Surprising answer to a non-intuitive custom (Which makes the custom intuitive!)
      40.   Why can’t we Live in Peace?
If there is no peace among humans, there has to be a reason for it
     41.   Am I a Writer by Default?
What made me write, I wonder
     42.   What is Presence of  Mind?
What exactly is it? Where and how does it originate? Can we nurture it?
     43.   How to Know, What is Life?
Why is that we are not as clear about life as about lifeless things? Can we learn everything about everything?
     44.   What is the Future of Politics?
What should happen to politics, what will, and  why
     45.   What will be the Future for Humans?
Some predictions of our future
     46.   What will be the Future of Democracy?
What all will happen to democracy, especially in view of scientific progress
     47.   How to Appropriate Democracy?
How to make the future democracy serve our needs
     48.   Why do Bad Habits Flourish?
Why bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of
     49.   Why Democracy?
Why the prevailing idea that democracy is heaven, while authoritarian regimes are different forms of hell, need not be true.
     50.   Why should we have Political Parties?
Is party politics beneficial? Why are we sticking to it?
     51.   Do we have a Penchant for the Natural?
We are attracted to the natural. Is it a natural choice?
     52.   Are we Sober towards Alcohol?
How and why alcohol and is effects have always been a dear topic of our society
     53.   Cryogovernance: Government of the Future?
Isn’t there a need to find new ways of governing ourselves
     54.   How to Make Democracy Dynamic
Hasn’t the system we have of governing ourselves, become costly one? What all needs to be done?
     55.   Towards a More Stable Society
What should be done to make human society stable
     56.   What is human Forte?
As a species, what would have been our forte? What are we naturally good at?
     57.   Isn’t this a Good Way to Study?
Why is learning a problem? A new approach can make it simple and easy
     58.   Why is Human Society never at Peace?
There has to be a fundamental cause, other than the triggers.
     59.   Antipedia – The Reverse Encyclopedia
A guide to what things are not
     60.   Do Nurture take Precedence over Nature?
Let us study a few actual cases and decide
     61.   Shouldn't We Have Thresholds in Life?
Yes, and how can we add the idea of a threshold for everything, to make life more balanced
    62.   Some Theories of How We Became Human, and Why None of Them Need be Correct
Critical examination of a few theories in this regard
     63.   The Future, of the World of Beliefs
Our future may be more dangerous than we think
     64.   Do We Need Experts?
Do expertise hide any danger?
     65.   Do we need New Wisdom, that too from a New Philosophy?
Where do we need change, the most? Our philosophy. Why?
     66.   Is there a need to revisit evolution?
Let us look at evolution from the perspective of an altruistic animal
     67.   Rational Mythology
Let us look at mythology as the most useful of all sciences
     68.   How do Human Societies Differ? And how do they Unify?
How come human society is in small chunks that are generally always at unease with each other
69. Origin of Human Nature
Human nature is celebrated extensively. It gets used as a good excuse to cause inconvenience to others, or to tolerate excesses, or for something else, if it pleases one. It is also the cause of all the failures of human race.
70.  My Mantra for Success
What one quality, if added to whatever natural talents one has, shall definitely lead one to success? Can’t this be an effective replacement for all teachings of success messiahs?
Why do we have this large gap with no signs of life, from millions of years back when human race began, to a few millenniums BCE where we have the first signs of a civilization? And why we have too many signs of human existence, since then?
71. Corruption - A Benign Evil?
Corruption is found everywhere, in all countries and societies. Is it so bad as it is professed, isn't there a benefit?
72. A-New-Approach-to-Mental-Health
We have a wide variety of measures for treatment and cure of our body. We are not that well equipped to treat our minds. Can we see every new exhortation, appreciation, complement, or threat as a mental germ? If so, what should we do? Fight against the germs of Mind, Immunize our Minds against Germs, or Both.
73. How-to-Make-Human-Society-Peaceful

Why are we agitated? What is wrong with our society? Nothing, but the inappropriate choice of our actions to various triggers. If so, what can we do to correct it? Easy, Let every form of response flourish. The one most suitable will naturally survive.
74. HazyOrigins of the Need for Approval
Human life can be seen as a struggle for approval. Where we agree, disagree, or be unconcerned, it is to gain someone's approval. Why? What is its origin? What do we gain from it?

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