Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It's hard to stay away from making some predictions of our future. Before that, a look at few of the impressive predictions already in air.

PREDICTION ONE Human Evolution Is Dead

“Because we have evolved, it may be natural to imagine we will continue to do so, but I think that's wrong," anthropologists like Ian Tattersall of New York's American Museum of Natural History mentions.
PREDICTION TWO  Humans Will Continue to Evolve

Some scientists see plenty of evidence that human evolution is far from over. For instance, a study published last month in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggested that women of the future could become shorter and stouter. A team led by Yale University evolutionary biologist Stephen Stearns found that, due to ovulatory characteristics, shorter, slightly plumper women tend to have more children than their peers. These physical traits are passed on to their offspring, suggesting natural selection in humans is alive and well.
PREDICTION THREE Humans to Achieve Electronic Immortality

A philosophy known as transhumanism sees humans taking charge of their evolution and transcending their biological limitations via technology. In essence, the old-fashioned evolution of On the Origin of Species may be beside the point: The future may belong to unnatural selection, Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford being one of the pioneers of this thought.
PREDICTION FOUR  New Era of Evolution Awaits on Off-World Colonies?

If, in the far distant future, habitable planets beyond our solar system were colonized by Earth migrants, that could provide the necessary isolation for new human species  to evolve.

My Prediction:
If we are to examine the world population data, where the rate of increase in population of various nations for the last few decades is scrutinized, one thing comes to light. Societies, which are still tied to the traditional concepts of male superiority of the Middle Ages as far as male female equality is concerned, show considerable population growth. Interestingly, it can be clearly seen that more traditional the society, more alarming the growth.

Whereas, those societies in which modern, scientific thinking with gender equality prevail, population growth shows remarkable moderation in its rate. More equal the societies, more negative the growth. 
That should give rise to an important point to ponder. Today, among the different cultures or societies of the world, the repressive views, especially those pertaining to male female equality and suppression of female sexuality, do face, wide, effective opposition only because the moderates are in a decent, reckon-able number. Won’t in future, with the differential rate of population growth when moderates become a minority, the regressive majority will find themselves empowered enough to take whatever steps necessary to cement the existing gender inequalities, if not furthering them? Can’t this be considered as the future in store for mankind, which essentially is anything but predictable?